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Planning Assistance

Trust Planning

If you are considering a trust, we can assist you with questions you may have.

  • Is a Trust the best option for me, and if so what type of Trust?
  • What is the process for establishing a trust?
  • Should I use a Corporate Trustee or Individual Trustee?
  • What are the costs for establishment and administration?

Retirement Planning

It's not just about your 401(k) Plan.  If you are beginning the retirement planning process or have been planning for a number of years the question is, How Much Do I need to Retire?  We can assist you with:

  • A status review of your current sources for retirement, including your 401(k) investment and deferral options.
  • Creation of a retirement strategy and assistance with determining intermediate and long-term goals.
  • Managing your income plan, maximizing tax-efficiency and generating the cash flow needed to pursue your retirement vision.

Establishing a Retirement Plan for your employees – Do you currently have a Retirement Plan for your company and if so, is it the right Plan for you?

  • Starting and maintaining a retirement plan for your business can benefit you and your company.  American Trust Center can explain the different types of Plans available.
  • How long has it been since you reviewed your Plan and its current options?  As the employer, are you maximizing your contributions?  We can review your Plan and offer suggestions that may benefit you and your employees in addition to a fee comparison using our Retirement Plan product.
  • Who are your current trustee/custodian, record keeper and third-party administrator?  American Trust Center can act in all three capacities for your Plan and offer a local hands-on approach.  

Estate Planning

If you do not have an estate plan, the State has one for you.  If you have not begun the process, are in the preliminary stages or have a plan in place you should consider and review the following:

  • We can assist you with questions you may have regarding the planning process – Will, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive, Living Will, Trust, Probate, Avoiding Probate, etc.
  • If you have children or grandchildren you may need to consider appointment of a guardian and possibly, the establishment of a trust.
  • Do you have charitable giving in mind?  Do you want to explore your options to reduce taxes?  Do you want to make sure that your assets will be distributed per your wishes?  We can assist you with these questions.
  • Estate settlement can be very complex.  Do you have a Corporate Trustee or individual appointed as your Trustee/Co-Trustee and/or Personal Representative?  American Trust Center can act in all of these capacities.
  • Have you reviewed your Will in the last 5 years?

At American Trust Center we focus on our mission “We build and maintain trusted relationships”.  If you have questions feel free to contact a trust officer in Bismarck – 701-355-4820, Dickinson – 701-483-7039, Minot – 701-837-5000 or at 888-872-4826.