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New security feature!
Debit Card protection with smsGuardian

smsGuardian* is an added layer of security to protect cardholders against debit card fraud. By monitoring 
debit card transactions based on criteria set by the bank, smsGuardian sends a text message to notify the 
cardholder of any transactions that are potentially fraudulent. 

A text message will be sent to the cardholder if any of the following types of transactions occur:

  • International transactions
  • Out of State transactions
  • Transactions greater than $300
  • Four or more transactions in a 24 hour period
  • Convenience store transactions
  • Card not present transactions
  • Declined authorizations

If the transactions are legitimate, no action is required. The only time action is needed is if the cardholder 
did not authorize the transaction. The following is an example of a smsGuardian text alert on a suspicious 

ABC Guardian Alert on card XXXX at Amazon.com for $350.00. Reply WC5YJYNO if unauthorized. 
Reply STOP to Cancel Alerts.                          

The verbiage may be slightly different depending on what type of transaction is completed. If the 
cardholder replies with the provided code, the card will be blocked and the cardholder can call the bank 
to unblock the card or order a new card.

Enrolling in smsGuardian is an easy way to help fight debit card fraud.To get started, click here and 
complete a few simple steps to enroll.  

*smsGuardian is a free security feature, however, message and data rates may apply with your wireless carrier.